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White Long Sleeve Mens Dress Shirt by Jonathan Frederic

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Designer - Tuxedo Park

boys suits, boys tuxedos
boys suits, boys tuxedos

White Long Sleeve Mens Dress Shirt by Jonathan Frederic

80% Cotton, 20% Polyester

Modern Fit

Wrinkle Free

Individually Packaged

How To Measure A Mens Tux Shirt

How To Correctly Measure For A Tuxedo Shirt

Finding your correct size in a men's tuxedo or dress shirt is very easy and requires two simple steps. The first is to find your neck size. Simply measure all the way around the neck then add 1/2" to the measurement for comfort. (Fig. 2)

Next you'll want to find your sleeve length. You want to start at the back- middle of the neck about collar height. Run the tape over the top of the shoulder and along the outside edge of the arm clear down to the wrist. (Fig. 1)

Now take your men's tuxedo or dress shirt measurements and combine them for your size. For example, the neck size came out to 16.5 and the sleeve length was 36. You will order a 16.5 36/37 shirt.

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