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Boys' Tuxedo & Dress Shoes

boys suits, boys tuxedos
Boys Tuxedo & Dress Shoes


Tuxgear is deeply committed to giving your young man a completely finished formal wear look, from head literally to toe.  We consistently maintain several styles of stylish yet comfortable boys’ tuxedo shoes and boys’ dress shoes to accompany your Tuxgear boys’ tuxedo or boys’ suit.  Our Tuxgear style experts recommend two primary styles of boys’ tuxedo shoes, especially for special events considered “black tie”: formal pumps (also called opera pumps or court shoes) or black balmoral oxford boys’ dress shoes.  Formal pumps are traditionally made of patent leather with a black grosgrain ribbon, usually a pinched bow or flat bow, on the top of the shoe.  Although formal pumps have traditionally been considered the ideal compliment for any boys’ tuxedo, highly-polished boys’ oxfords also make outstanding accompaniments for any boys’ tuxedo or boys’ suit.  We proudly offer boys’ shoes, boys’ brown shoes, boys’ white shoes and boys’ ivory shoes in several styles, including varieties like plain-toe  balmoral, cap-toe balmoral, and plain-toe blucher styles (also called boys’ derbies).

A plain-toe balmoral style boys’ dress shoe is essentially a slightly more formal business dress shoe, and the term “balmoral” refers to a closed lacing system on the dress shoe itself-that is, the piece of leather containing the eyelets is sewn directly into the upper of the shoe as opposed to simply being laid on top, giving the shoe a smooth, even contour ideally suited for formal events.  Comparatively, a cap-toe balmoral style boys’ dress shoe is quite similar to the plain-toe balmoral style boys’ dress shoe albeit slightly less formal with the toe stitched onto the uppers, creating a horizontal line across the top about an inch back from the toe of the oxford.   Lastly, plain-toe blucher style boys’ dress shoes, often called derbies, also a more relaxed formal look and remain an excellent choice for an afternoon wedding.  Boys’ derbies also feature an open lacing system, meaning that the pieces of leather containing the eyelets are separate from the uppers and layered atop them.  Regardless of your style preference, Tuxgear proudly offers these styles in virtually every size your young man might require, including several options for both wide and narrow feet.  Be certain to select any pair of our Tuxgear boys’ dress socks in lieu of thick cotton socks to ensure the perfect fit for your young man’s little feet!   

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boys suits, boys tuxedos