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Boys' Formal Wear

boys suits, boys tuxedos
Boys Formal Wear

Formal Attire for the Little Guy – Tuxedos, Suits, Religious & Communion, Accessories, Formal Separates, and much more!

Tuxgear Inc. has continued to provide our customers with top quality, comfortable fitting formal wear for the little guy for the past fifteen years. With over one million dollars of inventory ranging from boys suits and tuxedos to boys religious attire and formal accessories/separates (boys tuxedo/suit shoes, shirts, socks, belts, and more) we assure our customers that shopping for your child's formal event will be nothing but easy, fun, and very affordable! When we first started into selling boys formal wear online we were one of very few websites in the search engines. At the time, basic formal attire; such as, tuxedos, shoes, suits, bow ties, dress ties, shirts, and a few other formal items were popular. Let’s just say the industry was very low key and competition among other websites hardly existed. Now, after fifteen years serving our very loyal customers time and time again we have been able to watch the formal wear industry grow and expand beyond our imagination. The perfect example is the one and only bow tie. Our team here at Tuxgear has watched the bow tie change from something that was generally worn by wealthy business men with a suit or tuxedo and generally came as solid black in a men’s sizes into a fashion statement by the younger generation now worn in many shapes, colors, and sizes by hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world.

The Signature Collection
The Signature Collection
Boys Tuxedos
Boys' Tuxedos
Boys Suits
Boys' Suits
Boys Tuxedo & Dress Shoes
Boys' Tuxedo & Dress Shoes
Boys Knicker Sets
Boys' Knicker Sets
Boys Formal Separates
Boys' Formal Separates
Boys Formal Accessories
Boys' Formal Accessories
Boys Religious Attire
Boys' Religious Attire
Boys Communion
Boys' Communion


Boys' Tuxedos, Boys Suits, Shirts, Bow Ties & More

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A question we often get asked is, "What got you into selling boys formal wear in the first place?" One by which we always reply by explaining how we were raised in a family where taking part in working the formal wear industry was something very common. However, having three kids of our own and realizing how hard it was to find a good quality suit or tuxedo for them to wear. In today's world people would probably laugh and tell you to look harder, but fifteen years ago it was a completely different story. Trying to find a decent suit or tuxedo for your little guy was like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. However the most exciting thing of all is to have the opportunity to be a part of so many special moments of our customer’s lives. For a lot of people marriage is a one-time event, and to be such an important part in making their special day as special as we can is something we will always enjoy! It's truly crazy what something as simple and as elegant as a great quality, trendy suit or tuxedo will do to make a wedding everything the bride and groom have dreamed for it to be. If you have questions regarding any of our boys formal wear items (suits, tuxedos, religious and communion attire, formal separates) please give us a call! (800) 601-5171.


boys suits, boys tuxedos